What’s SSL and Why do I Need it?


August 15, 2018

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In times past, an SSL certificate was something that only ecommerce stores and banks were concerned with. But nowadays, an SSL certificate is becoming vital to every online business.

What is SSL?

In a nutshell, SSL is a secure connection between the visitor’s browser and your website. It is the underlying technology that creates the https:// in your browser window, rather than http://.

Why does this matter?

This signals a level of trust between your website and the visitor. Not only that, but Google has indicated how important SSL is on ALL websites (not just ecommerce), and that it might improve search engine rankings. In fact, just last month Google Chrome started marking all websites without http:// as “Not Secure”. A pretty big red flag to business owners and customers alike. And in October those warnings will literally start to turn red to warn the visitor of the insecure connection.

What does this mean for me?

It’s quite simple actually. All you need is a secure SSL certificate for your website. If you’re just starting a new business, it’s as simple as setting up SSL along with your web hosting.

If your site is already established though, switching over from http:// to https:// is a little more complicated. You may wish to hire a knowledgeable expert that can ensure all of your existing URLs are routed properly, and that your current Search Engine standings remain in place (or improve!).

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