Going Pay-Per-Click with Google Adwords


October 14, 2014

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Internet Marketing

Managing your own Google Adwords campaign can be at best confusing, and at worst very expensive without results. The best way to run a PPC campaign is to let the professionals handle it.

We’ll start with a discussion on your desired goals, keyword phrases, and targeted demographic. Then we’ll setup an AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) account to reach appropriate audiences in your local area, target specific keywords and optimize your ads for maximum clickthrough and conversion. Unlike SEO, AdWords tends to have a much faster return on investment, since you are instantly placed on the top of Google’s search results. This is a great marketing tool to use in the interim while we are waiting for your organic SEO to grow.

However, Google Adwords will cost you a fair amount of money, paid directly to Google. It’s important to set a realistic budget for your campaign from the start. Spend too much money upfront, and you’re gambling on an unsafe bet. Spend too little, and you won’t see any results at all, wasting the money you did spend. Don’t worry, we’ll help you pick a good number based on your available funds, lead value, and potential Return on Investment. This way, if all goes well, that money should come rolling back to you quickly in the form of closed deals.

The initial campaign setup will include thorough research on your targeted keywords, ad building and placement for those keywords, and landing page setup on-site to ensure customers are directed to relevant content. Landing pages are optimized for lead conversion so visitors will contact you to make a purchase. After initial setup, maintenance includes a monthly status report with the latest campaign statistics, comparisons to past months, and expert campaign adjustments to continually improve your number of leads and sales. Our informed analysis ensures that we are always on track to reaching your goals.

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