Website Hosting

Premium web hosting with great customer service at a low price. We offer plans to fit any budget, and all of our servers are environmentally friendly certified green!

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime, our powerful servers can handle traffic to ensure your site remains reliable and worry-free.

All of our servers are PCI Compliant, making your customer data safe and secure.
Comodo PositiveSSL certificates are available for just $49/year*.

Super Saver Hosting

1,000MB/1GB diskspace
5,000MB/5GB bandwidth
Good for a non-ecommerce site, or any company on a budget.


Silver Plan

2,000MB/2GB diskspace
10,000MB/10GB bandwidth
Perfect for e-commerce, this plan has everything you need to run a medium-sized website.


Gold Plan

5,000MB/5GB diskspace
25,000MB/25GB bandwidth
Great bandwidth and diskspace for growing sites that have many visitors.


* Get FREE hosting and SSL Certificate with select maintenance plans. Contact us for more details!