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July 2, 2012

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Who says girls can’t code? Most engineers/developers are male, but there are some great female “codematicians” out there (myself, for one!). I’m excited that Twitter has partnered up with Girls Who Code to help in the effort to introduce more women to the art of engineering.

Girls Who Code will host an 8-week intensive program in NYC to teach girls the basic principles of computer science and coding as well as sessions on design, research and entrepreneurship. Training the youth of today to build the technology of tomorrow is a great objective, in my opinion. And why not focus a bit more on the female youth that are sometimes reluctant or intimidated to pursue a career in technology? A program like this can give them the extra nudge to discover a talent they did not know they had. I hope the efforts put forth by Girls Who Code will help women everywhere excel in the engineering/technical field.

Getting the word out is the first step towards making a difference. Twitter is certainly helping in that regard. JT Website Design has joined in the efforts too, have you? Join Girls Who Code and follow them on twitter. I have a feeling we’ll see great things from them.

Jackie Taferner

Jackie Taferner has over 15 years experience in website design and development. Jackie has a wide range of expertise, from PHP code development to marketing strategy, and enjoys working on challenging, creative, and unique projects.

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