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March 4, 2016

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…are NOT a real thing. Really, this is an outdated and useless service. We don’t offer it. You shouldn’t buy it.

How it used to work…

Back in the old days, when search engines were in their infancy, Webmasters and SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization specialists) used to fill out a form to submit their website to the search engines. Then, once the search engines knew about the site, they would be able to crawl through the pages and rank them based on the content they found. This was much like a publication in the newspaper: “Grand Opening! Come check us out!”

And what’s different these days?

These days, search engines are designed to crawl the entire internet and index sites without the help of form submissions. Your newly launched website can appear in search results in a matter of days without an SEO’s help. And how do they find your website so quickly?

Word of mouth. That’s right, search engines have become more advanced by going oldschool. They find out about your site naturally when it’s mentioned on a social network, posted on a blog, or even added to your web designer’s portfolio.

What does this mean for your business?

Well, first off, it’s highly important to get the word out about your new website. But “submitting” the information to a search engine is not the way to go about it. Tell a friend, send out an email to your customers, post it on your Facebook page. Or simply wait for the grapevine to grow on its own.

Just launch your site and wait a week or so. Guaranteed, your site will appear on Google when you type “Your Business Name” into the search bar. Now, ranking for specific keywords is a totally different animal… one that we’ll talk about some other time. But even in that case, search engine submission plays no part.

Bottom line.

If you are currently shopping around for an SEO firm, and they’ve promised to “submit your site to all the top search engines”… then RUN, don’t walk, and find yourself a legitimate SEO.

Jackie Taferner

Jackie Taferner has over 15 years experience in website design and development. Jackie has a wide range of expertise, from PHP code development to marketing strategy, and enjoys working on challenging, creative, and unique projects.

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